Hi Casey,
My name is Markus, I live in Germany, been in the best age of 44 and play poker since 2006.
In the mid of 2014 I noticed TPE the first time and decided to become a member of. And I am proud of.
I took lessons from Danny (dannyn13).
At the end of 2014 I decided to turn to an online pro.
I play micro/low limit SnG and MTT with shots to Max 55.
I also play Omaha cash games 0.25/0.50 6max.
My main site is pstars.
This year I won some cap tourneys, been 4th in the big 16.50 turbo and been runner up in the big 55, 155th out of 55000 Players in the Micro Million ME.
Also grinding SnG tourneys.
The last 3 months I had to throttle down because my dad is in his final live stage with cancer and my best friend got an accident where he has to learn everything from ground again.
From August I will be back at the tables with a high monthly tourney volume at the micro, low and mid stages.
It would be a honor for me to bring the TPE nation to Germany.
I am not interested to get paid for doing that.
I got a good money background from my own IT company I got for 20 years.
Thank you for a short response.
Take care

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