The good and the bad making the trip to Las Vegas. A trip review.

For sure I will come back and destroy the tournaments all around there. What I need is a little help from the deck.  

Now one after another. 

It is a must when you are at Vegas around that time to take a shot there.  

You can see and talk with the big names of poker. Also you see so many different people which shows that poker is not dead and will never die. 

A great moment in my life was to meet my coach Danny (DannyN13) Noseworthy and Derek (Killingbird) Tenbush. Both are great persons with a big heart. 

Nowhere else you can get in contact, build friendships with any kind of people. Everything runs in a peaceful way, not to forget that everybody wants to make the big money. 

Anything under 3k is a one shot win or get short war.

The tourneys with the smaller buyinn’s are looking good but only at the paper. Also the fields the are veggry huge, up to 1800 players For example the 1k. For a Grand you receive 5000 chips with 60 minutes levels and a start at 25-25. 

For 1.5k you receive 7500 chips with 60 minutes levels and a also a start at 25-25

The moving level start after the first break. To loose a bigger pot at the first levels brings you immediately into the push fold situation. 

Sure WSOP have to take care that the Tourney will come to an end. 

Anyway I made the error to register in a 1k and a 1.5k. 

At the 1k I survived 9 levels while i was briefly card dead. Finally I got it in good with AQs UTG and got called with 99 no help from the board and busto.

At the 1.5k I did a bit better. After nearly 12 hours of playing I ended up 56 places before the money and 12 minutes before the bagging to day 2. 

The turned street was not good enough to the river which paired the board and the two pairs and busto. 
Actual balance: -2.5k 😣
For good is that I got some good pics and a signed Phil Helmuth Biography. 

After a day break my Poker Atlas app shows me some tourneys with better structures. 

Unfortunately I was too late to take a shot at the Wynn Series. 

So I find some good ones at the
Planet Hollywood
The first was a Tourney from the Goliath Series. $250 buyinn with 30 minutes levels a ultra flat structure and 250k gtd prize pool inspires me to give it a chance.

The payout was a bit confusing. On the Day 1 they play down to 17% of the field and paid them $750. The game continues till the final 12% of players. Then the chips got bagged and the players returned on day 2, where they start again with no payout to get in the money when 12% of the players got left. 

I played really nice there. I lost a flip while I hold AQo at the BB and the ultra loose SB shoves the chips for 60% of my stack. I made the call and looked into Q 6 suited. 

The board flopped 9 Q 4 the turn shows a 6 and the river blanked. So down to 40%. After two orbits I moved Allinn from the BTN with ATo and the short BB woke up with AK. No help from the board leaves me with one BB 6 spots before Payout. 

The busto came directly the next hand. 
Balance: -2.750
The next day I played a $200 buyinn 20k GTD there. I made some really bad decisions and deserved a early bust. 
The Birthday BBQ

With a balance of -2.950 I took another day off while, i was invited to a Birthday BQQ of Derek Tenbush. 

Hanging around with all the guys of Tournament Poker Edge was a great thing, which made the trip worth for. We discussed many things, talked about Poker our families and let our minds time to relax. 

Miss you guys, hope to see u again. 

Back to work the next day. Poker Atlas send me to the 

New Orleans Casino 
where a Stud8 or Better and Omaha8 or Better took place. The $125 bucks gave me lots of fun in playing this type of tourneys the first time live. And I will definitely do it again. 

For sure I made tons of mistakes but will go on working on that games. Mixed Games are so funny. 
Balance -3.075
Back at the
Planet Hollywood 
I give the $200 with 20k GTD one more chance and made 1 rebuy after a lost flip with AA against QQ. 

Also there i played really good poker and made it to the last 30 with 21 paid. 

With 45BB on a stacked balanced table i 3x opened UTG with ATs and received a call from let’s say a call happy lady who comments every hand. 

The board came down 6 T T rainbow. I made a bet for about 60% of the pot and she made a snappy call. The only which beats me at the moment is 66. From previous spots I saw from her she raised or reraised nearly any pocket from 55s up and check raised with made nuts. So I discounted the 66 and any other pocket from her range. She calls with many broadway hands flops and turn bets. So I took her in a JT+ QT+, K9+, AT+ The turn brings up a Q no flush possible. I bet 40% of the pot and she snapped calls again. The river shows a 8. I checked and she bets 20% of the pot. 

I called leaving me 11 BBs and turns over 79o. 

She stacks the chips with a comment that this were aggressive calls. 

Ok take it lady we will see us again. 

The 11BBs went in from the BB with QTs against AJ. Flopped good, turned bad and packed my belongings to leave the casino. 
Balance -3.475
While hanging at my room at the Tuscany I decided to play some online stuff and got a better run at the 888 Nightly Swordfish for a EV of 400 and finally I won 20 bucks on video poker at the casino. 
So my balance is -3.050
Enjoying the shows of Rammstein and Iron Maiden at the T-Mobile Arena healed the wounds. 
Vegas I will come again an the page will turn. 
So far………

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