That’s why Tournament Poker Edge is the great site. 

After studying a lot the results ar coming. And yes the coaches are right. The volume and the long run are showing that. 

My study schedule was and is 

  • Watching 2 videos a week (not only watching, working with them)
  • Profiling the push/call ranges
  • Playing Hyper Turbo’s S’n’G beside the MTT’s to get a feeling of the ranges for pushing or calling. (I know they are very swingy but in the $1.50 Levels I can play a lot of the with no great impact to my bankroll.)
  • Mark Hands where I have no clue why the villain played that line or why do I played that hand like that. 
  • Reading in the Forum. (To write comments I am to often to late.)
  • Writing a Poker diary. 
  • Watch twitch Poker channels. 
  • And of course play poker. 

The mental side is extremely stressed when it’s not going in the right direction. 

Do i made the right play? My Kings are always cracked so why should i go all in? Etc. etc.

It took me nearly half a year to manifest the right thoughts in my mind. 

Also  interpreting too much into a villains hand struggled my game. Working with the informations i have is the solution here. 

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