PKR Poker Client for Mac

Today i gave the PKR Client a try.

While i got already a par Profile, i will skip the Avatar building thing.


The download of the software is really easy via the PKR Site.

The first opening  after the installation was the first hang on time, while the client downloads the rest of the software needed.

After about 8 Minutes with 100 MBit/s Internet Connection 😦  i was able to log in successfully.

First Look and playing experience

The first view into the lobby was a little bit messy.  Some Tables with Buy Inn and EXP Numbers for scrolling from left to right.,

The mouse over feature of mac did not show more information.

After switching to the list view, i could choose between Ring Games, S’n’G, MTT’s, Jackpot Games and also Casino Games.

I focused on MTT’s. After the click on that tab button, i saw a list ordered in  a not useable way.

After i figured out how the filters are working i found some tourneys with EXP (means Expected Prize Pool) Numbers.

To register to a tourney i had to open the lobby of the tourney first.  I found no way to register directly to the tourney.

After i registered to one of the tourneys, i had a time gap of 20 minutes. I decided to play some Jackpot S’n’G’s.

After the end of first  S’n’G a Info Box pops up, where i could register to another S’n’G. I  clicked the register button and another S’n’G table came up.

As i tried to close the first table the complete client closes and i had to reopen the software of the ground.

This should be not be a one timer. While i played 5 S’nG’s the client crashed another 4 times.

Not a funny thing !!!

After that frustrating experience i decided to play only one table with the tourney.

But the tourney table crashed 6 times in-between 3 hours of playing. So i missed some hands while reopen the client.

Layout and Playability

The layout of the 3D Table is great. The 2D Layout is not very special

The arrangement of the Buttons and the other options are not in perfect positions.

The unstopping computer voice of the dealer at every action bores me after 5 hands. So i turned the voice completely of.

Also multitabeling in 3D Mode is relay stressful. In 2D Mode it is possible to play up to 4 tables, when the client would be so friendly and not autoclose.

The tourney lobby is a litte bit confused. PKR tries to get as much information as possible out. While playing a tourney it could be a little bit stressful to find all what you need.


PKR tries now since 4 years to bring the poker experience to a new level.

The MacOS Client is definitely not stable enough. To many crashes will frustrate the player.






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