2015 is in the records hello 2016, a short review and outlook

What happened in 2015

Online Poker hmmmm playing Online Poker seriously is a really tough.

This gives me the answer of my first question.

Did i reach the goal getting SuperNova at Stars. The answer is: No i failed.

I decided to take lessons from the TPE Pro Danny (DannyN13)Noseworthy.

He is a Online Poker beast, a great coach and for sure a great guy, with lots of patience. Sometimes it took a time until it made click in my head.

With his help i got a new view to parts of of the game and my results started to turn in the right direction.

After a good start in the first 4 month, i was on my VPP plan. Unfortunately  private Issues stopped me pulling the pedal down to cruise to the SuperNova Level. I had to take a long time off. So the goal got out of the focus.

Also my learning curve struggled and went into the wrong direction.

After the break i went straight in a confidence issue where i did not trust my game. This was paired with a tough downswing.

Danny needed about 5 sessions to kick this out of my head. He also advised me to stop playing until i am ready for. And that advise was gold for me. I thought i can play but my mind was not setup right.

After another mental break  i went back at the tables in November and also to the winning side and i finished that year with a small ROI of 5%.

I had to go down in BuyInns to prevent overruling my BankRoll.

In December i started broadcasting games at twitch.tv.

So 2015 was not so bad at all. It was the second year in a row with a small profit.

—–Close the records

Plans for 2016:

  1. of all another positive ROI year is planned.
  2. The Tourney Volume should be higher than 2015.
  3. Bringing my game to the next level.
    Danny and i working on a strategy to bring my A-Game and my C-Game one or two steps forward.
  4. Doing more work on my Blog
  5. Twitch
    The twitch setup now is almost done and from February or March i can twitch with Cam and Mic form my new office.

I will write another post with my goals in a detailed way.

Gl to all!!!!




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